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Welcome to Scholarships for Autism

The Stogner Foundation

Our Story...

Kaden was diagnosed with Autism in 2006 when he was 2 years old. After long hours of research, his parents soon realized that treatment for the disability is extremely expensive. The first fall following diagnosis, Kaden's immediate family and others close to him organized a golf fundraising event to help cover his remaining therapies for that year. To their surprise, family and friends were able to raise more than three times the ideal goal. Kaden's parents then decided to set up a scholarship fund in order to help more children like their own. The Stogner Foundation is now a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping children and families that reside in the state of North Carolina and are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or other related disabilities. All fundraising efforts will help to pay for the appropriate treatment and therapies these children need and deserve.

Kaden's Story...Kaden

Kaden was the perfect baby. He never cried, he loved to snuggle and be sung to, and he always ate all of his food and slept well. He hit all of his developmental milestones on time and even developed a vocabulary at an early age. He loved to line up his toys in beautiful, intricate designs, carry around soft items from the time he woke up until he went to sleep (socks, not a blanket or stuffed animal), and sing the same song over and over, not missing a beat! As first-time parents, none of these activities were red flags to us. We were very proud of him and often encouraged him to do them more! However, we did notice that Kaden's speech wasn't very clear and he constantly made "ticking" noises. Our pediatrician recommended a speech evaluation when Kaden turned two. Because we were in denial and thought Kaden was going to be a "late bloomer", we didn't schedule the evaluation until eight months later. After a grueling four-hour evaluation we heard the words we thought we would never hear, "Kaden has Autism." 

Autism? All of these unique, special things our son was doing meant he had Autism? Our world was changed forever. We had two choices; we could sit around and feel sorry for ourselves, or we could be as positive as possible, researching, networking, and being involved. We chose the latter and haven't turned back.

We researched the many different types of therapies that help children like Kaden succeed in life and signed him up. We trained ourselves as best as possible and met with other parents to learn from their experiences. 

It has been nine years since that seemingly dreadful day. We have participated in many, many different types of therapies.  Some were successful and others weren't as successful.  Our thoughts are much more positive now. Having a child with Autism has made us grow in ways we never would have otherwise. Kaden has been through speech, occupational, and behavioral therapies. We have enrolled him in special programs and tried varous diet changes and medications. With a continued strong drive and determination, and continued support of family and friends, doctors, teachers and therapists, we have faith that Kaden will find his way and become independent. We are so excited to see him accomplish this goal, because no matter what, "Kaden, you can do it!"